CSCA May Newsletter

Foster Care Baskets Given To Our Families…

This year, with the help of many donors and an NBA grant, Christian Services for Children was able to provide a special gift basket for all of our Foster families! It was a delight to be able to shop for our foster kids and families. The items purchased included food items for meals, a Radish Kids meal preparation box which contained recipes, kid friendly directions and other activities.
The baskets also contained books, journals, toiletry supplies, games and other helpful items.

We know that providing a warm bed and food is just a part of the essentials that every child needs and deserves, but we as an organization and community should always strive to do more if we are able to. The month of May was Foster Care Appreciation Month and so we worked very hard to make our appreciation of our Foster kids and Foster Parents known. It is crucial to not only recognize, but to witness the hard work that our Foster Parents do every single day.

It is also vital to participate in healthy activities as a foster family. So we intentionally designed the contents of these gift baskets to reflect that. The preparation of meals, and cooking together is certainly something that provides such an activity, along with board games, journals and other creative, healthy outlets.

We are so blessed to have such loving, caring foster parents and we definitely appreciate you! We could not have recognized our foster parents without the generous gifts our donors have provided to CSCA! Because of those gifts, we are helping to restore our foster children!

Thank you!

Our fabulous TFC staff